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Meredith Kessler Wins Ironman New Zealand


ROKA Partners With Coeur Sports Elite Triathlon Team

ROKA Sports, Inc. is pleased to announce a multi-year partnership renewal with the Coeur Sports Elite Triathlon Team. ROKA Vice President of Sales & Marketing Ryan Dolan said, “ROKA’s proud to continue our partnership with the all-female triathlon team known as Coeur Sports Elite. ‘Coeur’ is French for heart, and it defines not only the passion for athletics that drives this team, but the courage that carries all triathletes past pain and doubt to victory. As the team inspires us to empower athletes with innovation, we hope to inspire them with gear that shatters the limits of performance.”

Kebby Holden, founder of Coeur Sports added, “Our partnership with ROKA is so valuable in our goal to provide our team with the best, most cutting-edge gear needed to race. ROKA wetsuits are the finest in the market and help our girls perform their best on race day.”

About Coeur Sports

Coeur Sports is dedicated to producing the finest endurance apparel available to women. Based in Santa Monica, Calif., Coeur takes it name from the French word for heart, which also is the root of the word courage. Heart and Courage play an important part at Coeur, as the company knows it takes a lot of both to train and achieve one’s goals. With this mindset, Coeur’s mission is to foster a supportive community for women getting women involved in sport and leading a lifestyle of health and fitness. Learn more at or follow Coeur Sports on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

April 06, 2016

ROKA Partners with Surf City Cyclery Triathlon Team

ROKA Sports, Inc. is pleased to announce a multi-year partnership renewal with Surf City Cyclery Triathlon Team. ROKA Vice President of Sales & Marketing Ryan Dolan said, “On behalf of everyone at ROKA, let me say how proud we are to have the Surf City team join our family. In three years, the team collected more than 150 podium positions, including podiums at national and world championship events. Their dedication is an inspiration for us as we focus our own passion on elevating performance and turning challenges into opportunities for those who defy limits.”

Surf City Cyclery Triathlon Team Spokesman Marc Hapke added, “Our SCCTT athlete ambassadors are thrilled with ROKA performance products. Their cutting edge technology coupled with dynamic new line extensions confirms the ROKA crew is redefining the new go-forward staples in the multi-sport industry.”

About Surf City Cyclery Triathlon Team

The 2016 Surf City Cyclery Triathlon Team consists of 22 Triathlon team athletes of various age groups categories starting a multi-sport racing season in April and will conclude sometime in October of 2016. Our race schedule has 12 Southern and Northern California local premier events rated as nationally ranked race venues with a sea of consumer exposure! We proudly boast 97% of our team has earned the status, USA Triathlon – “ALL AMERICAN” for the last four consecutive years. Visit

April 05, 2016

ROKA Partners with Mark Allen Coaching

ROKA Sports, Inc. is pleased to announce a multi-year partnership renewal with MarkAllenCoaching. ROKA Vice President of Sales & Marketing Ryan Dolan said, “We see this partnership as a tremendous opportunity. Mark himself is a six-time Hawaii IRONMAN World Champion and the ten-time undefeated champion of the Nice International Triathlon, yet he never had a coach. ROKA’s mission is not just to inspire athletes but to enlighten them on the breakthroughs that are redefining performance, and that’s a perfect match for what this organization is achieving. The partnership will help educate athletes, and it will give them the opportunity to take advantage of the technologies we have worked so hard to advance.”

Mark Allen, the Founder of MarkAllenCoaching added, “My success as an athlete hinged on using the best training methods and technologies available, but also in seeking out new innovations that enabled me to stay at the forefront of performance. ROKA does just that. They are a leader and an innovator in products for anyone wanting to go faster in the open water. Just take a look at their latest product addition, the R1 goggle! It took ROKA to solve one of the biggest challenges everyone has swimming without a lane line: sighting. That’s just one example of why I partnered with ROKA. They help enhance performance and enhance the experience of every athlete I coach.”

About MarkAllenCoaching

Mark Allen is arguably the most successful triathlete in the history of the sport. He was the first ITU Olympic Distance World Champion winning the inaugural race in 1989 in Avignon, France. Allen is a six-time Hawaii Ironman World Champion and was the ten-time undefeated champion of the Nice International Triathlon. In 2012, he was voted “The Greatest Endurance Athlete of All Time” in a worldwide poll conducted by ESPN.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of his 15-year career is that Mark never had a coach. He figured out how to be the best in the world on his own. Through trial and error, he scoured sports research and periodicals looking for the most effective training methods, nutritional insight and injury prevention techniques. He then put the best information available to the ultimate test by training over 15,000 miles each year of his career.

Mark has helped aspiring triathletes complete for their first-ever triathlon as well as working with professionals to lead them to World Champion status. Let Mark get you ready for the racing experience of a lifetime with MarkAllenCoaching!

April 01, 2016

ROKA Partners with Tri Club San Diego

ROKA Sports, Inc. is pleased to announce the extension of its partnership with Tri Club San Diego. ROKA Vice President of Sales & Marketing Ryan Dolan said, “It is an honor to have one of the oldest and largest triathlon clubs in the country, Tri Club San Diego, as a member of the ROKA family. The club serves triathletes of all abilities by providing support, education and events to encourage and promote triathlon as a sport and a healthy lifestyle. More than just an opportunity to enlighten athletes with the innovations we have worked so hard to achieve, this is a chance to further unite the triathlon community and share our mutual passion for the sport.”

Mike Plumb, President of the Triathlon Club of San Diego added, “We are very thankful for the association that we have with ROKA and with extending our partnership another year. With the expansion of the ROKA collections, offering not only top-of-the line wetsuits but also cutting edge swim goggles, swimwear and cycling apparel, we can be sure that our members are being outfitted by the best in the business.

About Triathlon Club of San Diego

Triathlon Club of San Diego (TCSD) is one of the oldest and largest triathlon clubs in the United States. With a diverse membership ranging from seasoned professionals to beginners new to the sport, TCSD offers its members a full range of options with free club races, socials, club meetings featuring a wide range of speakers from top professionals to industry leaders every month. A full range of workouts are available, many coached by professional coaches are available free of charge to members every day of the week. For more information about TCSD go to

March 30, 2016

ROKA Partners with Rocky Mountain Tri Club

ROKA Sports, Inc. is pleased to announce a newly formed partnership with Rocky Mountain Tri Club. ROKA Vice President of Sales & Marketing Ryan Dolan said, “ROKA is now a proud partner of Rocky Mountain Tri Club, an organization run by its members and dedicated to fostering athletic ability by sharing enthusiasm and the drive to achieve one’s best. Competitor magazine named it Best Triathlon Club of 2015 after tallying votes from online readers and social media followers, and this partnership bolsters our direct connection to the groundswell of triathlon interest today, as well as the insights that shape the technologies of tomorrow. We are honored to have Rocky Mountain Tri Club be part of our family.”

Meg Rapp, Rocky Mountain Tri Club President, added, “Rocky Mountain Tri Club is excited to partner with ROKA for the 2016 season. Their commitment to empowering athletes to be their best aligns with our mission and the partnership will be mutually beneficial as we will be able to provide our thoughts, experiences, and feedback to ROKA directly.”

About Rocky Mountain Tri Club

The Rocky Mountain Triathlon Club is dedicated to furthering the sport of triathlon by providing a community in which multisport athletes of all levels can both socialize and train together. One of the nation’s largest triathlon clubs, RMTC has over 450 members who are a mixture of competitive and recreational athletes who participate in a broad range of events from 5ks through Ironman triathlon.

The Rocky Mountain Triathlon Club focuses on promoting the multisport lifestyle, and introducing new people to the sport of triathlon without intimidation. The club provides training and racing opportunities for members in a safe and inviting atmosphere while providing programming to enrich members’ minds and bodies. RMTC also gives back to the local community through a variety of volunteering activities including local races and volunteerism beyond the triathlon community.

March 30, 2016

ROKA Partners with the LA Tri Club

ROKA Sports, Inc. is pleased to announce a multi-year partnership renewal with Los Angeles-based LA Tri Club. ROKA Vice President of Sales & Marketing Ryan Dolan said, “We are proud to continue our partnership with LA Tri Club. For more than 15 years, the organization has provided support, education and inspiration as a recognized national leader. Together with ROKA technologies, their proud legacy of empowering triathletes will continue strong into the future, and they will be an inspiration to us as we continually strive to redefine performance. ”

Deb Carabet, Managing Director added, “We are very excited to have ROKA as our exclusive wetsuit partner. ROKA technology not only empowers our members to be efficient in the water, but ROKA wetsuits are also THE most comfortable wetsuits in the market today. Once our members get into a ROKA, they never look back and the support ROKA provides our members is unparalleled. ” 


LA Tri Club recently celebrated 15 YEARS as a recognized national leader of amateur athletes with a loyal West Coast following. LATC’s community of supportive and committed athlete members helps LATC create extraordinary memories and lifelong friendships through competition, education, volunteering, and awesome social activities! The LA Tri Club provides a network of information, support services, training & racing activities, friendship and fun for all ages and abilities.

March 25, 2016

ROKA Partners with Endurance Nation

ROKA Sports, Inc. is pleased to announce a newly formed partnership with Endurance Nation. ROKA Vice President of Sales & Marketing Ryan Dolan said, “It is an honor to team up with Endurance Nation. Their approach to coaching has established a strong community of athletes who benefit from quality content and mutual support. ROKA is a company founded by athletes, and we know firsthand the power of both inspiration and information. This partnership will share both as we innovate performance technologies that help endurance athletes achieve their best.”

Mariah Bridges, Endurance Nation Marketing Director “ROKA Sports leads the way in swim innovation by looking at the athletes needs as a whole not simply product needs. ROKA is a brand built on integrity, knowledge and progress so it is an honor to be partnering together. We both provide our athletes and the community with the same amount of dedication and now together, there is no telling what you can expect out of this partnership. Look for Coach Rich Strauss and his ROKA gear at Ironman® World Championship this year, that is, if you can catch him!” 

About Endurance Nation

Endurance Nation is the largest and fastest online triathlon team, founded in 2007 by Coach Patrick McCrann and Coach Rich Strauss. Endurance Nation continues to push the boundaries of team coaching and outside of the box approach to training, bringing results beyond compare. With their FirstTimeFinishprogram that guarantees a finish line moment or your money back, they stand behind their coaching method. EN is currently 3x Ironman® Tri Club Americas and Global Division 1 Champions and Official Coaching Program of Revolution3 Triathlon, it is easy to see why Endurance Nation is dominating the triathlon coaching world.

March 25, 2016

ROKA Partners with Dynamo Multisport

ROKA Sports, Inc. is pleased to announce a multi-year partnership renewal with Dynamo Multisport. ROKA Vice President of Sales & Marketing Ryan Dolan said, “Dynamo Multisport was founded with a deep passion for coaching and a love of the sport, and its drive to inform and inspire athletes makes it a great partner for ROKA. Our roots run deep, and same goes for the home grown heritage of Dynamo. That level of connection is what inspires us to innovate performance technology, and it gives us pride to continue a partnership with an organization that shares our commitment to helping athletes achieve their best.”

Matthew Rose, Founder/Head Coach added, “ROKA’s commitment to excellence manifests itself in its continuous innovation and steadfast quality, all with the athlete as the driving force behind every decision. That commitment reflects our core values at Dynamo. ROKA in that sense is a true partner from concept to execution and we are proud to call them family.”

About Dynamo Multisport

Dynamo Multisport is an endurance sport coaching organization located in Atlanta, Georgia. Born from a deep and rich tradition in United States swimming excellence, Dynamo Multisport is proud to help athletes all over the country, from professional champions to beginners, seek the best of themselves and each other. Above all things, Dynamo Multisport is a community of supportive and caring endurance athletes where performance is a byproduct of integrity and care for one another.

For more information, visit

March 25, 2016

ROKA Partners with QT2 Systems

ROKA Sports, Inc. is pleased to announce a newly formed partnership with QT2 Systems. ROKA Vice President of Sales & Marketing Ryan Dolan said, “We are honored to team up with QT2 Systems, a company that shares our passion for performance and our respect for those who strive to achieve their best. It’s all about empowering athletes, and by combining the performance technologies of ROKA with the comprehensive coaching and race-preparation methods of QT2 Systems, this partnership will give athletes everything they need to redefine their potential and go beyond their limits.”

Jesse Kropeinicki, Managing Director of QT2 Systems, LLC added, “ROKA gets it. They’re a company founded by athletes, so they understand the dedication it takes to achieve goals. At QT2 Systems’ brand of endurance preparation business (QT2 Systems, The Core Diet, OutRival Racing, or Your 26.2), we know that success is a matter of mind, and body, and it also demands a level of performance technology that can only come from those who know the passion behind all that sacrifice. That’s why we’re proud to partner with a company that has become synonymous with performance.”


QT2 Systems LLC, offers complete endurance event preparation via its brands QT2 Systems (Detailed Triathlon Coach), OutRival Racing (Triathlon Coach & Group Training), Your 26.2 (Run Coach) and The Core Diet (Endurance Nutrition). QT2’s over 40 professional USA Triathlon certified coaches and Registered Dietitians offer one-on-one training and nutrition to over 35 professionals, over 80 elite age group athletes (Kona and Boston qualifiers), and more than 400 beginner to mid-level athletes throughout the country and worldwide. To find out more about the services offered by QT2 Systems, visit or

January 25, 2016

ROKA Sports and LA Tri Club Announce Multi-Year Partnership

LA Tri ClubROKA Sports, Inc., a performance multisport brand, is proud to announce that it will be the exclusive wetsuit and preferred swim partner of the LA Tri Club beginning in 2015.  ROKA Vice President of Sales & Marketing Ryan Dolan said, “LA Tri Club is one of the nation’s largest and most successful triathlon clubs and stands out for its commitment to member experience and community, regardless of ability or experience.  We look forward to working closely with LA Tri Club to enhance their member’s experience over the next several years with our product innovation and support.”

Los Angeles Triathlon Club President Paul Hekimian added, “LA Tri Club is super excited to partner with ROKA.  Our members are always looking for the best performance products on the market, and having a multisport company that was created by swimmers and triathletes for athletes of all abilities was important in our decision making process.  ROKA’s advanced-technology, innovative materials and patent pending designs have quickly moved ROKA to the top of the market.  LA Tri Club is proud to partner with a performance driven brand such as ROKA.”


The LA Tri Club is one of the largest triathlon clubs in the World with over 1800 members.  The LA Tri Club was established to provide a network of information, support services, training & racing activities, friendship and fun for all ages and abilities. 


ROKA was founded in 2011 by two former All-American swimmers from Stanford University, who, after being frustrated by the offering on the market, set out to make the fastest wetsuits on the planet.  After two years of intense R&D, and testing by athletes of all abilities, ROKA launched its patent-pending Maverick wetsuit, Viper swimskin and SIM short training lines in 2013.

ROKA products were immediately sought out by elite and developing swimmers alike. Professional athletes in ROKA finished First Out of the Water at back-to-back IRONMAN®World Championships, IRONMAN 70.3® World Championships, and ITU WTS Grand Finals, as well as many other races around the world.  In 2014, ROKA athletes Javier Gómez and Gwen Jorgensen won three World Championship titles.

January 21, 2015

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