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ROKA named Official Global Wetsuit and Swim Partner of IRONMAN

TAMPA, Fla./AUSTIN, Texas (May 31, 2018) — IRONMAN, a Wanda Sports Holdings company, announced today a multi-year global partnership that expands its relationship with ROKA, the Austin-based performance multisport brand. This new partnership makes ROKA the Official Global Wetsuit and Swim Partner of IRONMAN® and the IRONMAN World Championship and IRONMAN 70.3® World Championship events.

The partnership between IRONMAN and ROKA will further a relationship that began in 2014.  Besides an expanded physical presence at IRONMAN events across the globe, ROKA and IRONMAN are collaborating on IRONMAN World Championship swim products this October in honor of IRONMAN’s 40th Anniversary. Additionally, ROKA will now sell co-branded swim products online via and, and will continue to give out the ROKA Fastest Swimmer Award to congratulate the fastest age group athlete during each event’s swim.

“We’re thrilled to expand our partnership with IRONMAN,” said ROKA CEO and Co-Founder Rob Canales. “IRONMAN is the best in the world at providing the ultimate endurance race experience, and ROKA is the best in the world at supporting those athletes with technical products that meet the demands of the day.  We’re excited to collaborate with IRONMAN on new products and services and to immediately bring our existing ones to more athletes around the world.”

In the last six years, ROKA has designed the world’s most advanced high-performance wetsuits, goggles, eyewear, swimskins and race apparel, which have been worn to numerous world titles and over 50 IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 wins by the world’s best triathletes, including Javier Gómez Noya, Lucy Charles, Tim Reed, Melissa Hauschildt, Luke McKenzie, Meredith Kessler, Linsey Corbin, Jesse Thomas and more.  With this new partnership, IRONMAN athletes will be able to sample ROKA’s groundbreaking technology before they buy at each IRONMAN event in the IRONMAN Village and have exclusive access to new products during the lead up to their races.

“I first tried ROKA’s Maverick wetsuit and Viper swimskin in 2014 and have been using both ever since, however the products have at times been difficult to find outside the U.S.” said Javier Gómez Noya, two-time IRONMAN 70.3 World Champion who splits time between Spain and New Zealand. “With this expanded partnership, IRONMAN athletes from around the globe can now get their hands on the cutting-edge technology that has been my secret weapon for the past four years.”

Just six years from its humble beginnings in a garage in Austin, ROKA has grown to become the wetsuit and swimwear choice of countless triathletes and hundreds of multisport teams around the world, and its Viper swimskin has been trusted by more athletes at the IRONMAN World Championships than any other brand for multiple years running.

“ROKA embodies the spirit of innovation and ingenuity that aligns well with the needs of our athletes,” said Matthieu Van Veen Chief Revenue Officer for IRONMAN. “We are eager to expand this partnership to cover all of our events globally and bring ROKA’s swimwear products to our athletes around the world.”

In 2018, ROKA will have a presence across the IRONMAN® and IRONMAN 70.3® Series, including 40 races in North America, 32 in Europe, and 13 in Oceania, as well as the IRONMAN World Championship and IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship. Each IRONMAN race consists of a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike and 26.2-mile run while the IRONMAN 70.3 race series events consist of a 1.2-mile swim, 56-mile bike and 13.1-mile run.

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About ROKA

ROKA started in a garage in Austin, Texas with humble beginnings and laser-beam focus. ROKA’s mission is to unlock human potential. To equip, empower, inspire and ignite. ROKA serves those who seek to redefine the standard, to push themselves to the limit – whatever and wherever that may be. 

Since its launch in 2013, ROKA athletes have won over a dozen world titles and have been instrumental in the design and development of an unprecedented collection of patented and award-winning products. In 2016, ROKA was proud to send 18 athletes to the Rio Olympics, taking home Gold and Bronze.  In PyeongChang, ROKA continued the tradition, taking home Olympic Gold and Bronze in their Advanced Performance eyewear. 2018 has seen elite athletes around the globe in running, cycling, triathlon, speed skating, beach volleyball, and off-road endurance events trusting ROKA eyewear for their most important performances on the biggest of stages.

ROKA products are available worldwide at and through select retailers. Visit us online to learn more about our growing lines of premium performance eyewear. Follow ROKA on social media at Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


A Wanda Sports Holdings company, IRONMAN operates a global portfolio of events that includes the IRONMAN®Triathlon Series, the IRONMAN®70.3® Triathlon Series, 5150™ Triathlon Series, the Rock n’ Roll Marathon Series®, Iron Girl®, IRONKIDS®, International Triathlon Union World Triathlon Series races, road cycling events including the UCI Velothon® Series, mountain bike races including the Absa Cape Epic®, premier marathons including the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, and other multisport races. IRONMAN’s events, together with all other Wanda Sports Holdings events, provide more than a million participants annually the benefits of endurance sports through the company’s vast offerings. The iconic IRONMAN® Series of events is the largest participation sports platform in the world. Since the inception of the IRONMAN® brand in 1978, athletes have proven that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE® by crossing finish lines at the world’s most challenging endurance races. Beginning as a single race, IRONMAN has grown to become a global sensation with more than 200 events across 50 countries. For more information, visit 

About Wanda Sports Holdings

Wanda Sports Holdings is the world’s leading sports business entity, founded to capture the opportunities in the global sports industry and to contribute to the prosperous international sports landscape – in three key areas: 1) Spectator Sports (media and marketing business), 2) Participation Sports (active lifestyle business), 3) Services (digital, production and service business). Wanda Sports Holding incorporates the international sports marketing company Infront Sports & Media, the iconic endurance brand IRONMAN, and Wanda Sports China. The headquarters are in Guangzhou, China.

June 14, 2018

ARMS-UP: The Story of a Wetsuit Epiphany

Patent-Pending ARMS-UP Technology

When a solution is right in front of you, sometimes it’s hardest to see. At ROKA, we’re always looking for those solutions, and our favorite breakthroughs are the ones that leave us scratching our heads and saying “Why didn’t we think of this before?”

When we introduced our patented arms-up wetsuit design with the Maverick X in 2016, it was one of those breakthroughs.

Anyone who has swum in a traditional “arms-down” wetsuit is familiar with the feeling of shoulder restriction that comes with swimming in a wetsuit. That feeling comes in varying degrees, ranging from a mildly uncomfortable constraint (often early in a swim) to outright lethargy in the shoulders (typically late in a race). Most serious triathletes and open water swimmers have spent time attempting to minimize this with some combination of the right model of suit, the right size, the way they put on their suit, and what they wear underneath. But most have also resigned to “just deal with it” in one way or another, with some even going so far as to modify their swim stroke to accommodate their suit.

For years, eliminating this shoulder restriction has been a holy grail for wetsuit manufacturers, including ROKA. Historically, the problem has been attacked from the angle of better materials – more flexible neoprene, thinner neoprene, etc. When we launched our original Maverick Pro in 2013, one point of focus was the often-overlooked fact that the textile liners on the inside of a wetsuit have more restrictive stretch profiles than neoprene, and therefore have a greater impact on the flexibility of the suit than the rubber itself. This focus on liners, combined with the principles of centerline buoyancy introduced in that debut suit, made it a faster and more natural-feeling wetsuit than anything that had come before it.

Feedback for the original Maverick Pro was better than we ever could have hoped for, from pros to beginners to professional gear junkies. It left us wondering: will we even be able to improve on this?

And that’s where we went back to the drawing board. In the words of Mark Stephens, a former national champion swimmer and ROKA's VP of Product Development, “We asked questions like: ‘Is there anything obvious that we're missing? Are there any unchallenged assumptions here?’” Mark comes from a product design background where human-centered ground-up thinking like this is fundamental. “Eventually, as we thought about those basic questions, we said: ‘Wait a minute. Why does a wetsuit have essentially the same pattern as a t-shirt?’ And of course it’s because everyone was building from what they already knew when the first wetsuits were developed. But that’s not at all what’s best for swimming!”

And so we started prototyping arms-up suits. We did a lot of experimenting and iteration to dial in questions like how far the arms should be up, but from the very first prototype, we knew we were on to something. As Stephens says, “When we got those first prototypes, we were excited but nervous to try them out. Would they be better or would they just be weird? But it wasn’t even close – they weren’t just a little better than traditional suits, they were a lot better. And we were sitting there going, ‘How did we not think of this before?’”

With athletes and customers ranging from world champions like Gwen Jorgensen and Javi Gomez to age groupers from a range of athletic backgrounds, it’s been a revelation as well. "(The arns-up pattern) finally gives the shoulder the freedom that swimmers want," said Gomez. "Holy buckets! The difference was night and day. The suit was a LOT more flexible," wrote one age group reviewer. Similar sentiments have been echoed repeatedly by athletes of all abilities.

One thing we pride ourselves on at ROKA is the way we diffuse our technology throughout our offering and make our best ideas available to people at every price point. After the overwhelming response to the Maverick X in 2016, we brought Arms-Up to the Maverick Pro II and Maverick Elite II in 2017. In 2018, we’re featuring the technology across our entire Maverick lineup, from the entry-level $350 Maverick Comp II to the torpedo-fast $925 Maverick X. We’re also introducing it in our short-sleeved Viper swimskins, and a modified-to-also-be-great-for-biking-and-running version of it in our short-sleeved Gen II tri suits.

A favorite saying of ROKA co-founder Kurt Spenser is, “Confidence is the ultimate performance enhancer.” We embrace this wholeheartedly, and we love equipping athletes with gear that not only performs better but also gets out of their way and helps them to be more confident, whether it’s a pro saying “I can swim naturally for the first time,” or a rookie saying “I feel more at ease in open water now”. Our whole team is incredibly proud of the way we’ve done this with arms-up technology. With the technology now expanding across our whole line-up, we're excited that more athletes will get to experience a more confident, faster swim this year than ever before.

January 30, 2018

ROKA Partners with British Triathlon

ROKA x British Triathlon

DALLAS, Texas, April 26, 2017 ROKA Sports, Inc. and British Triathlon announced a new partnership today, naming the Dallas-based performance multisport brand as the Official Swim Category Sponsor of British Triathlon. In an agreement that extends through 2020, the partnership grants ROKA exclusivity in numerous product categories including wetsuits, swim skins, swimwear, goggles, and swim gear (including kickboards, pull buoys, resistance aids, and more).

“We are thrilled to partner with British Triathlon,” said Rob Canales, co-founder and CEO of ROKA. “One of the driving principles of our company is to serve athletes through innovation, and we are excited to offer our latest collection of high-performance products to British Triathlon. It’s a tremendous honor to play a role in helping the world’s best athletes in their quest to perform to their full potential.”

Jack Buckner, CEO British Triathlon, added: “Our exciting partnership with ROKA is a fantastic opportunity to further support, inform and inspire triathletes to be the very best they can be. With the support of a company so dedicated to helping individuals exceed their limits, we can ensure British Triathlon Home Nation members have the best possible opportunity to achieve their own personal goals within the sport. We’re looking forward to what the next four years will bring with ROKA.”

Winning seven world titles in 2016, ROKA athletes achieved unmatched and unprecedented success, highlighted by Gwen Jorgensen’s win in Rio. ROKA Pro Vicky Holland shared the Rio podium with Jorgensen, finishing third to become the first British woman to win an Olympic medal in triathlon. ROKA athletes earned titles at the IRONMAN® 70.3 World Championship (Holly Lawrence and Tim Reed) and finished the season on top of the ITU World Triathlon Series Rankings (Mario Mola Diaz and Flora Duffy).

Along with the new partnership with British Triathlon, ROKA has enhanced its global fulfilment by partnering with Borderfree. The e-commerce provider simplifies international shopping by displaying prices in local currency, along with a final total, including duties, during checkout. Borderfree will process all transactions, and is trusted by numerous global brands to provide fast, reliable shipping. Customer service needs will continue to be addressed directly by ROKA.

Visit to learn more about the company’s growing lines of premium performance eyewear, apparel and equipment. Follow ROKA on social media at Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About ROKA

ROKA is a performance design company dedicated to helping athletes unlock their potential through the relentless pursuit of creating the most innovative, premium products available.

Founded in 2013 by two former Stanford All-American swimmers, ROKA has experienced tremendous growth and continues to expand into new product categories. In addition to being the Official Uniform and Swim Partner of USA Triathlon, ROKA is the Official Swim Partner of the IRONMAN® U.S. Series, the IRONMAN 70.3 Race Series, and the IRONMAN World Championship.

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About British Triathlon

British Triathlon works to promote excellence in the sport of triathlon and create opportunities for everyone to achieve their personal triathlon goals. With a vision to inspire participation, British Triathlon enjoyed world-class success in 2016, winning three of six medals at the Olympic Games in Rio.

British Triathlon’s members include the Home Nation's Associations of Triathlon England, Triathlon Scotland and WelshTriathlon. British Triathlon is responsible for managing the Great Britain Elite, Paratriathlon and Age-Group teams. British Triathlon also manages a number of services that are shared with the three Home Nations. Visit to learn more.

April 26, 2017

ROKA Partners with USA Triathlon Through 2020


ROKA Sports, Inc. and USA Triathlon today announced a new multi-year partnership that designates the Dallas-based performance multisport brand as the Exclusive USA Triathlon Uniform and Swim Category Partner. This agreement makes ROKA’s patented, cutting-edge technologies available to the entire USA Triathlon community — including Team USA, the top amateur athletes who qualify to represent the U.S. at the International Triathlon Union (ITU) Age Group World Championships. It also underscores the company’s commitment to working with the world’s greatest athletes and unlocking their potential.

“ROKA is incredibly honored and excited to partner with USA Triathlon,” said Rob Canales, Co-Founder and CEO of ROKA. “We’ve been humbled and proud to work with U.S. Olympians Gwen Jorgensen, Katie Zaferes, Joe Maloy, Greg Billington and other American elite athletes over the last quadrennial, and look forward to supporting the broader USA Triathlon community in the years ahead. Our team’s dedication to serving these athletes through performance design and innovative products has paid off over the last four years, and we are ready for the next chapter. This partnership is an inspiration and motivator for everyone in the company; we can’t wait to get to work.”

“These are the core endemic categories for our organization, and USA Triathlon is proud to align with ROKA through this new partnership,” said Chuck Menke, USA Triathlon Chief Marketing Officer. “ROKA has quickly built a very strong brand reputation to go along with its growing market share. We are confident that our age-group and elite athletes alike will benefit greatly from their advanced technologies and product lines, as well as their superior customer service.”

In an agreement that extends through 2020, ROKA will be designated as the Exclusive Uniform Partner of the U.S. National Team, USA Paratriathlon National Team, and Team USA. This is in addition to the designation of Exclusive Triathlon Performance Apparel Partner of USA Triathlon. Other exclusive category titles defined by the agreement include Swimwear, Wetsuit, and Swimskin of USA Triathlon. ROKA has also been granted the status of Exclusive Swim Gear Partner and Exclusive Goggle Supplier of USA Triathlon.

Winning seven world titles, ROKA athletes delivered performances in 2016 that were unmatched and unprecedented. The year was highlighted by Gwen Jorgensen’s win in Rio, a victory that made her the first American triathlete to take home Olympic gold.

“I’ve been part of the ROKA family for years,” said Olympic gold medalist and two-time ITU WTS World Champion Gwen Jorgensen. “It really is a family, and everybody shares the excitement of races. Triathlon isn’t just a sport you pursue. It’s part of you. That’s why ROKA works hard on making a real difference. With this partnership, it’s going to make a difference in the lives of a lot more athletes.”

ROKA Co-Founder Kurt Spenser added, “We will develop and deploy the full weight of our R&D with this partnership. The team looks forward to once again redefining the performance standard across all categories and sharing the benefit of those developments with the entire USA Triathlon community.”

About ROKA

ROKA is a performance design company dedicated to helping athletes unlock their potential. Like the athletes it serves, ROKA believes reaching one’s best is not a destination but a repeated first step on the journey to greatness. The company continually strives to provide the most innovative, premium products available for those who demand the best. ROKA holds multiple international patents for its swim apparel and equipment, and has numerous others pending.

ROKA was founded by two former Stanford All-American swimmers who, after being frustrated by the offerings on the market, set out to make the fastest wetsuits on the planet. After launching in 2013, ROKA has seen tremendous growth and its products are now relied on by numerous world-class athletes including ITU World Champions, IRONMAN® Champions and Olympic medalists. In addition to working with USA Triathlon, ROKA is the Official Swim Partner of the IRONMAN U.S. Series, the IRONMAN 70.3 Race Series, and the IRONMAN World Championship.

Today, ROKA continues to make a difference for athletes who share its passion for excellence, and the company is building on its reputation for quality, performance and unsurpassed customer experience as it expands into new product categories.

About USA Triathlon

USA Triathlon is proud to serve as the National Governing Body for triathlon, as well as duathlon, aquathlon, aquabike, winter triathlon, off-road triathlon and paratriathlon in the United States. Founded in 1982, USA Triathlon sanctions more than 4,300 races and connects with nearly 500,000 members each year, making it the largest multisport organization in the world. In addition to its work with athletes, coaches and race directors on the grassroots level, USA Triathlon provides leadership and support to elite athletes competing at international events, including International Triathlon Union (ITU) World Championships, Pan American Games and the Olympic and Paralympic Games. USA Triathlon is a proud member of the ITU and the United States Olympic Committee (USOC). Visit to learn more.


January 04, 2017

ROKA Triathletes Earn ITU World Champion Titles

Flora Duffy and Mario Mola Reach Top of Podium in Thrilling Competitions

DALLAS, Texas, September 27, 2016 – ROKA Sports, Inc. a Dallas-based performance multisport brand, today congratulated two of its professional triathletes, Flora Duffy and Mario Mola, on their historic victories at the International Triathlon Union (ITU) World Triathlon Series (WTS) Grand Final in Cozumel, Mexico.

Comprised of eight rounds of competition around the globe and culminating in the Grand Final, the WTS is the International Triathlon Union’s annual series of triathlon events used to crown a world champion each year. Competing head-to-head in these races, athletes amass point totals, and the highest total for the series determines the overall ITU World Champion.

Duffy took home the Grand Final race with a dramatic solo effort on the bike and run.  She also added wins at ITU Stockholm, and the Montreal World Cup. She had a consistently excellent year, finishing second at ITU World Triathlon Leeds and third at ITU World Triathlon Cape Town.

Duffy commented, “It has been an amazing journey this season.”

Mola’s first world title was the result of a season filled with dramatic victories and incredible closing speed on the run. He took the win at four ITU World Triathlon events: Abu Dhabi, Gold Coast, Yokohama, and Hamburg. He also won the 2016 Mooloolaba ITU Triathlon World Cup and was second at ITU World Triathlon Edmonton.

Mola said, “It’s been an all-around great year, and I’m very happy to end the series with the overall title. A lot of work has been done in preparation for this goal, but also I had a lot of fun preparing for it with my training partners. I can’t wait for another season to start!”

Leading after the 1.5km swim in the Grand Final event, Duffy was able to extend her lead on the 40km bike segment, and finish with a time of 1:57:59. In both the final event and overall standings, she edged out ROKA’s Gwen Jorgensen, an Olympic Gold Medalist and the ITU WTS World Champion of 2014 and 2015. Duffy’s 4691 total points surpassed the 4435 earned by Jorgensen, who finished second in the world.

After second-place finishes in the 2014 and 2015 ITU WTS to countryman and ROKA athlete Javier Gomez, Mario Mola won his first world title in dramatic fashion. Mola’s time of 1:47:36 led to a winning point total of 4819, four points ahead of Jonny Brownlee who was suffering from heat exhaustion in the final meters of the race.

Both 2016 champions commented on ROKA’s renowned performance wetsuits. Duffy said, “My favorite piece of ROKA gear is my Maverick X wetsuit. I seriously feel invincible when I put that suit on. So comfortable, and so fast in the water. We had many wetsuit swims this year, and I always came out of the water [in the] top three wearing the suit.” Mola added, “ROKA's Maverick wetsuit is my winning choice. The feeling with it is unbeatable.”

Rob Canales, Co-Founder and CEO of ROKA said, “It’s an amazing thrill to watch members of the ROKA family achieve world titles. Seeing Flora and Mario working so hard during the year inspires us, and we all respect the responsibility of making the most of their equipment.”

Canales added, “Having ROKA athletes win both the Elite Men’s and Elite Women’s categories is wild — even more because two other members of our family, Gwen Jorgensen and Javier Gómez Noya, took home the titles last year. Our team is so proud to be represented by this incredible group of athletes and the extreme limits they push each other to.”

September 27, 2016

ROKA Releases Performance Eyewear

Classic Style Meets Technical Innovation that Delivers the Ultimate in Performance


DALLAS, Texas, August 30, 2016 ROKA Sports, Inc. a Dallas-based performance multisport brand, has announced the upcoming release of its first collection of premium performance eyewear. Rendered in a range of frame hues and lens color options, the three premiere designs showcase a heritage of classic optical style, while packing under-the-hood technical innovations that deliver the ultimate in performance and comfort.

Rob Canales, Co-Founder and CEO of ROKA said, “We created a bold new category of eyewear that proves performance optics don’t always have to take styling cues from science fiction. This is true performance, concealed by vintage style that takes you anywhere. Athletes can finally get the look they want, and still have all the technology they need to push themselves to the limit with zero compromise.”

Combining unmatched performance with uncompromising style, the three debut designs — the Phantom, Kona, and Vendée — are a showcase of technology. Their patent-pending nose and temple GEKO Pads were inspired by biomimicry of gecko foot geometry. Crafted with a proprietary elastomer, the pads provide a no-bounce, ultra-secure fit that maintains retention even during the sweatiest, most strenuous activity. Lenses from Carl Zeiss Vision deliver razor-sharp optical performance, as well as remarkable shatter resistance. Even with the ultra-light weight of titanium and other leading materials, the frames maintain rock-solid durability. With precisely balanced weight distribution and the luxurious feel of GEKO Pad technology, they offer a “forget you’re wearing them” experience.

ROKA plans to stagger the release dates for the three designs. The Phantom will become available during the week of August 29. The releases of Kona and Vendée are currently slated for mid-September.

ROKA’s first pro athlete, Jesse Thomas, inspired the Phantom. He won his breakthrough triathlon in gas station aviators, and made a name for himself racing in that classic style. However, he had to settle for underperforming sunglasses with poor optics that fell off his face and could not be worn comfortably for extended periods. Inspired by Thomas’s demand for a solution that would provide market-beating performance, ROKA accepted the challenge to build the ultimate performance aviator. After more than a year of intense R&D with some of the world’s most advanced factories and material suppliers, the Phantom was born.

Thomas recalled his victory in the grueling IRONMAN® Lanzarote in Spain, a race in which he ran a blistering 2:46 marathon while wearing the Phantom for the first time: “They were the ultimate upgrade, crazy lightweight and super comfortable. They never bounced or slipped, despite buckets of sweat. I was 100% focused on my race, not my equipment. Plus, I thought they looked badass.”

The second design in ROKA’s debut collection, the Kona was inspired by the ultimate endurance test in triathlon on Hawaii’s big island, an annual proving ground for the latest in performance technology. The performance sunglass has a modern, square lens that echoes iconic American style of the ’50s and ’60s. To combat fogging, the frame is engineered for channeled airflow with architecture that is reinforced with carbon fiber for torsional rigidity and strength.

The Vendée is the third debut design. It is shaped with iconic styling and named after the launch point for the grueling, round-the-world, single-handed yacht race that attracts the most daring and accomplished yachtsmen. Like the Kona, the Vendée features channeled airflow, hidden spring hinges that contribute shock absorption and optimal fit for any head size or shape, and the comfort of a lightweight yet durable nylon frame.

All designs in the collection feature premium lenses by Carl Zeiss Vision, and they exceed ANSI Z87.1 standards for optical performance and impact resistance. Polarized editions block 99% of reflected glare, and all lenses filter out 100% of all harmful UV.

The lenses are enhanced with a superior hard coating for abrasion resistance, a hydrophobic/oleophobic coating that reduces fog buildup and resists smudging, and an AR coating that mitigates distracting reflections and glare.

Canales added, “ROKA’s mission is to unlock human potential — to equip, empower, inspire, and ignite. When we see an opportunity to innovate, to challenge the status quo, to disrupt a complacent or monopolistic market, we go all in. These debut eyewear designs are a glimpse of what’s to come.”

August 30, 2016

ROKA Sends 18 Athletes from Eight Countries to Rio Olympics

Medal Contenders Use ROKA Products in Training and Competition

DALLAS, Texas, July 26, 2016 – ROKA Sports, Inc. today announced it is sending 18 athletes to compete at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Representing eight countries from around the globe, the athletes will rely on the company’s performance apparel and gear as they vie for medals in the triathlon competition.

Rob Canales, Co-Founder and CEO of ROKA said, “It is an honor to have world-class athletes put their faith in ROKA innovation for the most important competition of their lives. These Olympians and Paralympians demand the most from themselves, and from the gear they depend on during training and competition. ROKA was founded by athletes, and we rise to that challenge with pride. The 2016 medal contenders have inspired us to raise the bar and redefine the limits of performance, and we share their dedication and passion for excellence.”

ROKA athletes at the Olympics will include Gwen Jorgensen, Katie Zaferes, Joe Maloy and Gregory Billington for Team USA; Carolina Routier, Mario Mola Diaz for Team ESPAÑA; Kirsten Sweetland for the Canadian Olympic Team; Nicky Samuels and Andrea Hewitt for the New Zealand Team; Flora Duffy for the Bermuda Team; Emma Moffatt and Ashleigh Gentle for the Australia Team; Vicky Holland for the UK Team; and Vendula Frintová for the Czech Team. ROKA athletes on the USA Paralympic Team include Chris Hammer, Krige Schabort and Grace Norman.

ROKA’s roster includes highly accomplished athletes. Gwen Jorgensen earned the title of ITU World Triathlon Series Champion in 2014 and 2015. Mario Mola Diaz currently holds the men’s #1 ranking in the ITU World Triathlon Series, and Flora Duffy is ranked #1 in the women’s category.

Athletes in the triathlon event will compete on a spectacular course, including an epic beach swim at Copacabana. An estimated 500 thousand fans are expected to watch the event, and it will be one of the most-watched live events at the 2016 Games. A challenging hill course is planned for the bike segment, and the medal hopefuls will compete on a phenomenal run course. ROKA’s Gwen Jorgensen and Javier Gómez Noya won the test triathlon event last year.

ROKA athletes will utilize the patented RAPIDSIGHT® technology in the company’s R1 swim goggle, a design that takes advantage of innovative engineering, optics and architecture. Two more of the company’s proven goggle designs, F1 and F2, will be utilized as well. Optimized for performance, ROKA triathlon apparel will be worn in competition, and athletes will wear the company’s renowned performance wetsuits if conditions are cold. The full line of ROKA swimwear and equipment has been utilized during training.

July 26, 2016

ROKA Releases Maverick X Wetsuit

Breakthrough Design Liberates Swimmers from Restriction to Offer the Ultimate in Freedom of Movement and Speed


DALLAS, Texas, June 7, 2016 – ROKA Sports, Inc. today announced the release of the Maverick X wetsuit, a breakthrough in performance technology that represents both an evolution in innovation and a revolution in design. ROKA set out to create the freest, fastest wetsuit ever built, and the company achieved a new milestone that liberates swimmers from restriction like no other wetsuit.

Rob Canales, Co-Founder and CEO of ROKA said, “We have engineered a new wetsuit design with technologies that translate to faster swimming with better mechanics, less effort and no shoulder strain. With more than three decades of elite swimming experience, the ROKA development team has an obsession with flexibility. It led to a unique patent-pending innovation called Revolution X that allows the Maverick X wetsuit to offer unrivaled mobility by virtually eliminating restriction.”

A key breakthrough came in defying the conventional design paradigm of setting the upper limbs in the arms-down position, an approach to patternmaking that restricts movement during the critical “catch phase” of the freestyle swim stroke. ROKA developed the Maverick X by starting with the arms up, and continued prototyping to pinpoint a golden ratio in the interplay between arm position and patterning.

Seven-time triathlon World Champion Javier Gómez Noya told ROKA, “It was hard to believe you could improve the ‘old’ Maverick but you did. The arms-up pattern is a revolution in wetsuits and finally gives the shoulder the freedom that swimmers want.”

With RSX Body Positioning Technology, the Maverick X utilizes smart buoyancy to put the swimmer in the fastest body position possible. Engineered zones optimize swim mechanics and power generation, enhancing buoyancy where human physiology needs it most, and reducing buoyancy where it gets in the way of speed.

Every panel is strategically designed to improve overall performance and help athletes swim faster with less effort. A proprietary liner grid is engineered with eight strategic neoprene/liner combinations, and each is purpose-built for compression, flexibility, form enhancement, thermodynamics, core connection, and transition.

In addition to unrestrained shoulder mobility and the benefits of tuned buoyancy, the Maverick X features additional advances in design, construction and materials. Its Revolution X pattern takes advantage of new independent neck paneling and suspension for better comfort, fit and seal. To help swimmers maintain speed and proper mechanics as they fatigue, the new wetsuit offers enhanced power transfer and core connection without restricting breathing. The forearms are crafted with an Italian stretch-woven textile that minimizes the boundary between the arm and water to maximize proprioception, speed and hydrodynamics. The Maverick X is made with premium Yamamoto neoprene, a durable nano-coated material that makes the wetsuit ultra-fast in water.

Canales continued, “No wetsuit in history enhanced swimming performance like the Maverick Pro, and the new Maverick X takes ROKA innovations in mobility, speed, fit and comfort to a new level. We are proud to offer this breakthrough wetsuit design to those who share our passion for performance and the uncompromising standards of excellence that drive athletes to achieve their best and beyond.”

Eliminating the middlemen, ROKA is able to reduce margins and make its premium wetsuits available to athletes at a significantly reduced cost. This direct-to- consumer focus also helps ROKA better control the quality of its products, as well as the quality of its relationships with customers. The new Maverick X wetsuit is available at the company’s website.


June 07, 2016

ROKA Expands World-Class Triathlon Team with Signing of Vicky Holland

DALLAS, Texas, April 20, 2016 – ROKA Sports, Inc. is proud to announce the signing of British pro triathlete Vicky Holland to a multi-year partnership. Holland blasted onto the ITU World Triathlon Series scene in recent years and will be a member of Team GB for the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, achieving automatic qualification criteria with her standout performances at the Rio Test Event and her podium finish at the ITU World Triathlon Series Grand Finale in Chicago last fall.

“I’m really excited to be joining the ROKA global pro team,” said Holland. “I know the brand has an excellent reputation on the elite circuit, and I am really enjoying wearing the Maverick wetsuit. I look forward to representing the brand in competition and working with the team over the next few years.”

Ryan Dolan, Vice President of ROKA said, “We are thrilled to have Vicky join our roster of world-class triathletes. She is a fierce competitor and an articulate brand ambassador. We can’t wait to see more success come to Vicky as she takes on the world’s best during this exciting Olympic year.”

Holland races next at the third stop of the ITU World Triathlon Series tour, Cape Town, South Africa, where she will premiere as a ROKA athlete.

April 20, 2016

ROKA Partners With Coeur Sports Elite Triathlon Team

ROKA Sports, Inc. is pleased to announce a multi-year partnership renewal with the Coeur Sports Elite Triathlon Team. ROKA Vice President of Sales & Marketing Ryan Dolan said, “ROKA’s proud to continue our partnership with the all-female triathlon team known as Coeur Sports Elite. ‘Coeur’ is French for heart, and it defines not only the passion for athletics that drives this team, but the courage that carries all triathletes past pain and doubt to victory. As the team inspires us to empower athletes with innovation, we hope to inspire them with gear that shatters the limits of performance.”

Kebby Holden, founder of Coeur Sports added, “Our partnership with ROKA is so valuable in our goal to provide our team with the best, most cutting-edge gear needed to race. ROKA wetsuits are the finest in the market and help our girls perform their best on race day.”

About Coeur Sports

Coeur Sports is dedicated to producing the finest endurance apparel available to women. Based in Santa Monica, Calif., Coeur takes it name from the French word for heart, which also is the root of the word courage. Heart and Courage play an important part at Coeur, as the company knows it takes a lot of both to train and achieve one’s goals. With this mindset, Coeur’s mission is to foster a supportive community for women getting women involved in sport and leading a lifestyle of health and fitness. Learn more at or follow Coeur Sports on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

April 06, 2016

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