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This wide rectangular frame offers a new, more modern aesthetic with titanium temples and ultralight materials. But don't let the shiny features fool you, they're still built to never slip and never let you down when you need to get up and go.
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Ultra Lightweight Comfort
Sweat Resistant
Made to Move™
Won't Fall Off Your Face
2 Year Warranty
No Pressure Points
Woman weight training wearing ROKA eyeglasses
Woman weight training wearing ROKA eyeglasses

“I love these glasses, and I hate to wear glasses! The weight of these glasses is such that I forget I’m wearing them. What might surprise me the most is that I can ride my horse and get sweaty without them sliding or falling off. They are comfortable under my helmet. I’m so glad I found ROKA.”

-Christine G.


And forget about those painful pressure points on your nose.

Inspired by the soft but amazingly sticky feet of the Gecko, our patented GEKO™ fit and retention system features a proprietary elastomer for nose and temple pads that's hydrophilic, chemical resistant and supports multi-directional traction with comfort. No matter how sweaty you get and which way you move, bounce or shake, you’ll never have to worry about slippery frames sliding down your nose or falling off your face.

Rock climber wearing ROKA eyeglasses
Rock climber wearing ROKA eyeglasses

“The best pair of glasses I have ever owned. Lightweight, great quality, perfect fit on my face, and excellent customer service.”

-Rocky B.


Each pair comes with three different nose pad sizes to customize fit for a wide range of nose bridge widths. Additionally, spring-loaded hinges and flexible beta-titanium temples immediately adjust for the perfect fit.

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