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No wetsuit in history enhanced swimming performance like the Maverick Pro. The Maverick X is both an evolution of that performance and a revolution in wetsuit design. No wetsuit has ever liberated swimmers from the restriction of a full suit like the Maverick X. It is the freest, fastest wetsuit ever built.

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Revolution X


For centuries, patternmaking has been locked in a vertical, arms-down paradigm. This pattern makes perfect sense for standing, walking, running, even surf or scuba, but not swimming. No matter what materials, or construction methods were applied, the catch phase of the freestyle stroke encountered significant resistance. This resulted in an obsession with flexibility.

We inverted the existing paradigm and started with the arms up, the most crucial phase of the freestyle stroke. Early prototypes and testing revealed that there was a golden ratio, a sweet spot for the arm position and patterning, that allowed for zero restriction and total mobility throughout the stroke. Revolution X is a result of that unique patent pending process.

No wetsuit has ever liberated swimmers from the restriction of a full wetsuit like the Maverick X.

The result is faster, unrestricted swimming with better mechanics, less effort and no shoulder strain.

Javier Gomez - Maverick X


Revolution X is only the beginning


01 Revolution X

Zero restriction in the arms out, catch phase of the freestyle stroke. Unparalleled, unrestrained shoulder mobility purpose built for swimming.

02 RSX Body Positioning

Smart buoyancy puts the swimmer in the fastest body position for freestyle swimming. Optimized buoyancy differential in strategic zones enhances proper mechanics and power generation. Buoyancy is enhanced where human biology needs it most, reduced where it gets in the way of speed.

03 Optimized, Proprietary Liner Grid

True performance starts on the inside. Eight different strategic neoprene/liner combinations purpose-built for compression, flexibility, form enhancement, thermodynamics, core connection, and transition. Every panel is strategically designed to enhance your overall performance and help you swim faster with less effort than ever before.

04 Independent Neck Suspension

The Revolution X pattern utilizes new independent neck paneling and suspension for better comfort, fit and seal.

05 RSX Power Enhancement

Enhanced power transfer and core connection without restricting breathing for prolonged aerobic and anaerobic efforts. Enables the swimmer to maintain proper mechanics, form and speed as they fatigue. Thermo-bonding and proprietary liner support enhance speed from the inside out.

06 100% Premium Yamamoto Neoprene

The world's best, nano-coated, limestone-based neoprene. Ultra fast, no compromises.

07 Ultralight Stretch-Woven Textile Forearm

Maximum feel for the water enhanced by minimizing the boundary between the forearm and water. Premium Italian stretch-woven textile for maximum proprioception, speed and hydrodynamics.


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