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We are excited to announce a new, multi-year partnership with Justine Fedronic, a 2016 Olympian at 800m. A sub 2:00 performer over the 800m distance on the track, Justine is a world-class athlete with a passion for product design.

Similar to ROKA's co-founders and several team members, Justine competed for Stanford University where she studied product design. We are cut from the same cloth and have already enjoyed collaborating on efforts to rethink performance design within the track and field space.

We are proud to partner with an athlete and person like Justine. She shares our love for sport, our desire to push boundaries, and our inclination to think outside of the box.


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What excites you most about this new partnership?

Running is arguably the most simple human sport, and the most easily accessible to people around the world - the running community is vast, diverse, and constantly inspiring. As runners we are always searching for our maximums: physical, mental, and emotional strength. Endurance and performance. I'm excited to be working with a company that approaches our design problems with a fresh perspective and seeks to develop gear to help us reach these maximums of human potential.

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In what ways does your athletic and academic background make you feel like an integral team member at ROKA?

I had the privilege of attending a university that immersed us in design thinking and valued ingenuity and ambition. I minored in Product Design and my time spent totally immersed in school design projects remain some of my favorite memories from school. While I've been very fortunate to have been able to primarily focus on my running since graduation, I have been searching for a way to pursue my athletic goals while engaging in the design process. I couldn't be more excited to be partnering with ROKA, a company that is continuously searching for the best design solutions to our training and racing needs. My athletic and training journey has been unique given the event I train for. Due to my injury history we are constantly exploring alternative training methods to fine tune the perfect fit for me. Our focus has been on becoming a more well-rounded, complete athlete: I run, but I also bike, swim, lift, elliptical, do yoga, etc. I hope to take the information I have gleaned from my journey and from my process to inform the design team and create products that help us become the healthiest, highest performing version of ourselves!

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What are some of your outstanding goals, and what are you most proud of accomplishing thus far in your career?

I am most proud of my resilience and adaptability as an athlete. Ive had many health challenges along the way but persistence, belief, and an amazingly supportive community have allowed me to live a dream still dreaming. One of my primary goals has always been to become an Olympian. I tore my hamstring in 2014 and missed an entire year of training and competition before clawing my way back to make the Rio team. I still have plenty of fight and love for this sport and its challenges, I hope to become a finalist at World Championships and the next Olympic Games in Tokyo.